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Moodle Config Php

    Configuration file - MoodleDocs 
    The name for Moodle's configuration file is config.php. The file is located in the moodle directory. It is not included in the ...
    config-dist.php · Including passwords in ... · Adding extra theme ...
    Moodle-Konfigurationsdatei config.php - Moodle Docs 
    25.11.2018 · Hier ein Beispiel für eine config.php Datei, die Sie als Ausgangsvorlage verwenden können: <?php /// Moodle Configuration File unset($CFG); $ ...
    Moodle config.php files · GitHub 
    $CFG->dataroot = '/var/lib/moodle/'.$branchprefix;. // make data subdirector if it doesn't exist..
    moodle/config-dist.php at master · moodle/moodle · GitHub 
    php where the feature is implemented. ] */. // For all database config settings see https://docs.moodle.
    Moodle manual migration steps - Cloud Adoption Framework ... 
    30.11.2020 · Update the database detail parameters in the Moodle configuration file /moodle/ config.php . To get the DNS name for this task: In the Azure portal, ...
    How to Set Config.php on Moodle - YouTube 
    15.01.2021 · Moodle #MoodleAdmin #Config #SetConfig #NellieDeutschLearn tips and ticks on how to ...Dauer: 4:18Gepostet: 15.01.2021
    Anpassungen von BelWue - Lehrerfortbildung BW 
    Bei Moodle-Installationen von BelWue werden wichtige Einstellungen, die mit dem ... Die Datei config-belwue.php wird über einen Include-Befehl in der Datei ...
    Ajuda - Moodle 
    4.1 General web server settings ... Thirdly, Moodle requires a number of PHP settings to be active for it to work.
    Como ativar o debug do Moodle - Central de Ajuda KingHost 
    Insira o seguinte código dentro do arquivo config.php presente na pasta de instalação do Moodle. // Force a debugging mode regardless the settings in the site ...
    Documentação do Moodle: Perguntas Frequentes (FAQ) 
    Aparece-me sempre este erro: "Failed opening required '/web/moodle/lib/setup. php'" (Ocorreu uma falha ao abrir o ficheiro '/web/moodle/lib/setup.php'). Any text  ...