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Joomla Moodle

    Joomdle - Home 
    Joomdle connects Moodle, the worlds most common learning management system with Joomla, the worlds best content management system.
    Joomdle - Moodle plugins directory 
    Joomdle. Authentication ::: auth_joomdle. Maintained by Picture of Antonio Duran Antonio Duran. This plugin lets you integrate Moodle and Joomla platforms.
    Moodle and Joomla Integration through Joomdle - Paradiso LMS 
    Paradiso Solutions has been successfully at implementing Moodle Joomla integration through the use of Joomdle module.
    Joomdle, by Antonio Durán - Joomla Extension Directory 
    Bewertung  5,0  (36) 09.10.2009 · Component, modules and plugins to integrate Joomla and Moodle.
    Moodle Joomla Integration - SlideShare 
    Moodle Joomla Integration. Joomdle is an extension that lets you display Moodle content on Joomla, it is fully integrable with other well-known tools and offer ...
    Moodle Joomla Integration - YouTube 
    27.08.2014 · Read more about Moodle here: is an extension that lets you ...Dauer: 1:38Gepostet: 27.08.2014
    Joomdle - Integrando Joomla + Moodle - YouTube 
    08.10.2013 · Neste vídeo mostro todos os passos necessários para a integração do CMS Joomla com o ...Dauer: 17:48Gepostet: 08.10.2013
    Joomdle - Moodle and Joomla Integration download | 
    Bewertung  4,4  (7)   · KostenlosJoomdle consists of a series of extensions for Moodle and Joomla to integrate them. SSO from Joomla to Moodle. Show Moodle contents in Joomla pages.
    Do You Use Joomla And Moodle? Check Out The Joomdle ... 
    24.05.2016 · Joomla Moodle theme. For those Moodlers out there who use Moodle in combination with the popular Content Management System (CMS) ...
    Joomla - Moodle Integration - User relationships in Joomdle ... 
    Not directly an answer to the integration question... I had worked with a Joomla - Moodle integration some years ago (it was on Joomla 1.5), ...